About Me

Inspiration: Longreads.com and Longform.org, but with less randomness.

Complete this sentence: “I remember reading somewhere . . . .”

Mission: Cull, curate and cluster the best online writing. When I read an article on Topic X, I don’t want to hunt through a month of “read this” listings to find the piece I just read on the same subject. Yes, there’s a Search button, but I want it all at my fingertips. Neatly.

Politics: Unashamedly liberal, though even I have my conservative tics. Anyone who says not to talk politics with strangers has obviously never wasted time with someone who considers Ayn Rand a) literature b) sane or c) not entirely repellent.

Details: Female, 26, Oregon.

Dreams: Not here, not this.


4 responses

4 10 2011
Shannon Mindeth Weirich

Hunted you down from the post in the times, as I saw the similarities in view (I am going to be home schooling my kindergartner) and area. Taking sociology, I realize I that this views were formed since I moved to Oregon. Enjoyed your writing and was wondering if you are a G+’er yet.

4 10 2011

Nice to hear from someone from Oregon! I’m in Eugene, and completely lame when it comes to Facebook or google+ . . . I think I’m the last person on earth without an account. I like your page, though — very cute kids. And I agree with what you said about Alabama . . . it’s the one issue I’m not so left-wing on. 😉

4 10 2011
Shannon Mindeth Weirich

Hah, sorry for all the errors, was breaking up a battle of the wills between my toddlers while trying to type the above. :S

12 10 2011

Thank you for your comments at NYT re: Occupy Wall Street. I couldn’t agree more.

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